Frequent Ask Questions

Q.1. What are the approximate dates for Registration for admission into various classes?

Ans:For Pre-Primary & Class-I  : 15th February to 20th March (Approx)For Classes II to IX     (If vacancies exist – 15th Feb to 20th March

For Class-XI    :  Immediately after the declaration of Class-X result.

For Classes X & XII : If vacancies exist with the permission of the Assistant Commissioner of the concerned region.

Q.2. Will there be any possibility of admission for non-KV children in Classes-II to IX?

Ans:Yes, depends on the vacancies in the concerned classes. If vacancy exists applications will be invited from parents and admission test will be conducted and students passed in the admission test will be categorized and admission will be given as per the number of vacancies.

Q.3. What is the minimum age required for admission into Class-I?

Ans:For admission into class-I, a child must be 5 years old on 31st March in the academic year in which admission is being sought .

Q.4. What is the minimum age required for admission into classes II & above?

Ans:For the academic year for classes II and III, the reckonening date is 31st March and the child must be 6and 7 years old respectively.

For other classes the reckonening date is 30th September for the academic year 2010-11.Age for any classes to be increased progressively

Q.5. What is the approved Class Strength?

Ans:40 per section.

Q.6. What is the process for admission on Transfer Certificate from a Non-KV?

Ans:If vacancies exist registration will be done, admission test will be conducted and process will be followed as stated in answer for question No.2. For parents who are working in Central Govt. if transferred KVS can permit such admissions depending upon the vacancies available.

Q.7. Can a child (Non-KV) apply for admission into classes Xth and XIIth?

Ans:Yes, but admission will be done with the permission of the Assistant Commissioner of the Region provided vacancies exist in the concerned KV and fulfilling the required conditions, such as age, admission test, streams  available etc

Q.8. When  the admission for Class-XI conducted?

Ans:Immediately after the declaration of result of Class-X .

Q.9. Are the dates of admission same for all KVs?

Ans:Yes , same. The exact dates and the notification will be given generally in the 1st week of February in Local/national newspaper and website:

Q.10. What are the provisions for admission for a single girl child?

Ans:Two seats per section in Class-I (over and above the strength), two seats per class (Over and above the strength) from Classes VI onwards.

Q.11. A child did not study in any recognized school, can he get admission in KV?

Ans:Yes, up to Class-V by submitting an affidavit and birth certificate required.

Q.12. A child of a Defence employee transferred from a non-KV area to a KV area and the child was studying in the Defence School, does he get admission in KV?

Ans:Yes the TC of the Defence School (If recognized) will be treated at par with KV TC and then the admission procedure is followed subject to the fulfillment of other criteria such as age, pass in the admission test, availability of the stream etc.