Teacher/ Employee


Teacher/ Employee


Nature of Duties


First Assistant/ Overall Supervision

Mr. A L Meena, V.P.

Mrs. V. Anita Kumari, PGT Chem.


Mrs. L P Behera, HM


To assist the principal in all the activities and the smooth functioning of the Vidyalaya.



Dr Uma Kumari,

TGT Hindi

Mrs. Padmakshi Behera, TGT Eng


Mr. Padmanav Mishra, PRT


To compere all events of the Vidylaya.


CCA/ Morning Assembly

Dr. V Singh, PGT Hindi

Mr. Arun Joshi, PGT Eng



Mr. R.K. Dishree, PRT


Mr.D.Kathar.  PRT




To take care of Morning Assembly programme, allotment of classes  for assembly, issue of Birthday card & pen , Celebration of all Special occasions, CCA programmes and Club Activities, Decoration of various Display Boards, allotment of topics and follow up periodically, evaluation and grading wherever required.


Examination     (Internal)

Ms. Ajanta Panda, PGT Bio-Tech

Mr Ashish Pradhan

PGT, Physics

Dr. UmaKumari,TGT

Mr. U.C. Dash, TGT

Mr. L.P.Bagh TGT


Mr D Guru, PRT

Mr M Barai, PRT


To conduct tests, examinations, Re-tests, Arrangement of PTA Meetings, Timely preparation of Proforma, collection of answer papers, preparation of result analysis and related coordination.


Examination     (CBSE)

Mr H K Sahu,  PGT Phy


Mrs S Mohanta, PGT Chem





To conduct AISSCE/AISSE exam, co-ordinate with neighbouring schools for theory and practical exams, Registration of Class IX and X., uploading marks for CBSE and all CBSE related works.


Examination     (External)

Mr P Barik, PGT Eco


Mr S  Banji PGT Comp Sc


Coordinate & Conduct all external examination recommended by KVS with utmost sincerity.


Time Table

Mr S Bhoi, PGT (Maths)

Mr M S Padhan, TGT (Maths)

Mr S NaikTGT, Art


Mr. K K Sahu PRT


Mr D sahu, PRT


To allot classes to all teachers equally, allotment of classes for contractual teachers, Arrangement of Substitution, maintenance of day to day time table.




Mr A K Sahoo, PGT Bio

Mrs V. Anita Kumari, PGT Chem

Mr S Banji, PGT, Comp Sc

Mr P Barik, PGT Eco

Mrs L P Behera, HM

Mr G Meher, PRT


Distribution of Forms, Registration, Preparation of list of candidates selected for class-I and other classes. Verification of required documents, updating the newly admitted students in the admission register, collection of deposit of fees.



Teaching Aids

Mr D K Pradhan , TGT SSt

Mr N. K. Panda, TGT, Sst


Procurement of maps, models, charts, CD, maintenance of stock register and condemnation


Purchase committee

Mrs. V Anita Kumari, PGT Chem

Mr. V Singh, PGT Hindi

Mr. B.C. Panigrahi, TGT Eng.

Mr Ranjeet Kumar, TGT WE

Mrs. L. P Behera, HM

Mr Rajesh Gartia, PRT

Concerned Dept. I/c & Teacher-VMC Member


Call for quotations, prepare comparative statement and place orders for all required equipment of the Vidyalaya. Settlement of bills and verification of the articles.


Medical Check-up

Mr J K Patra TGT(PHE)




Mrs. S. Samal, PRT


Issue of medical cards to the class teachers. Arrange medical check-up for class-I to XII with medical team twice a year Custodian of completed medical cards.


Cleanliness, Upkeep of School Building and campus,


Drinking water/ Cleaning Of Overhead tanks


Gardening and beautification


Swatchhata Abhiyan

Mrs S Mohanta, PGT(Chem)

Mrs. P. Behera, TGT Eng

Mrs. S. Pattnaik, TGT Sst

Mr S Naik,TGT(Arts)

Mr. Ranjeet Kumar, TGT WE




Mr. RGartia, PRT

Mrs. R. Udgata, PRT

Mr. G. Meher, PRT

Mrs. G. Panda, PRT

Mr. S. Mirdha, PRT


Ensure the drinking water supply is adequate and the water supplied is safe for drinking.

Monitoring the beautification of the Vidyalaya and cleanliness of the Vidyalaya.

Maintain the school building, neatness of the class rooms and campus, monitoring the works done by the cleaning agency. Purchase of flower pots, plants and other related items. Arrangement of painting and other items. Up keeping of gardening. Display of quotations.



Mrs A Behera

PGT Maths

Mr J K Patra, TGT(PHE)

Mr N K Panda, TGT(SSt)

Mrs S Mishra, TGT(Sc)


Mrs. L. P. Behera, HM

Mr. R. Dishree, PRT


Discipline in all walks of activities in the Vidyalaya. Morning assembly. Special Occasions, Meetings. Enquiry and disciplinary action for any issues related to the discipline.


Strengthening of Primary Education And Resource room and Teaching Aids

Mrs. D. Naik, PRT

Mr. R.K. Dishree, PRT

Mr. A Bhusagar, PRT

Mr. D. Kathar, PRT


Making activities enjoyable, procurement materials as required and coordination.


Maintenance and repair works (Civil/ Electricals)

Mr Ranjeet Kumar, TGT (WE)


Mr S Mirdha, PRT


Maintenance and Repairs of minor and major electrical and civil works. Petty construction, colour wash as per requirements.


Staff Quarter/


Mr S Bhoi, PGT(Maths)

Mr M S Pradhan, TGT(Maths)

Mr S Mirdha, PRT

Mr. G Meher, PRT


Allotment of staff accommodation, Repair and Maintenance of quarters.


School Furniture

Mr M S Pradhan, TGT(Maths)

Mr. V. Singh

Mr D Seth, PRT

Mr. Daitari Kathar, PRT


To allot uniformic furniture to all classes. Updating requirements as and when need arises, repairs of furniture, maintenance of stock register etc.




Mr. L.P. Bagh, TGT Sci

Mrs. S. Pattnaik, TGT SST


Mr. S. Mirdha, PRT

Mrs. N Nayak, PRT



Plan and execute excursion for all classes I to XII. Selection of tourist spots, arrangements of vehicle and accommodation. Intimation to parents and collection of willingness letters.



Scouts & Guides

Cubs & Bulbul

Mr Somdutta, TGT(Sans)

Mrs G. Mishra,  TGT

And all Scout & Guide Masters


Mrs. R Udgata, PRT

Mr. L Pradhan, PRT

And all Cub & Bulbul leaders


To  plan and conduct the activities as per letter issued by KVS RO BBSR and report thereafter  every month.


Physics lab

Mr. H.K. Sahu, PGT Physics

Mr. Ashish Pradhan, PGT Physics


Maintenance of the labs, procurement of items, maintenance of Log Book, maintain stock register and condemnation of item etc.


Chemistry Lab

Mrs. V. Anita Kumari, PGT Chemistry

Mrs. Smita Mohanta, PGT Chemistry


Maintenance of the labs, procurement of items, maintenance of Log Book, maintain stock register and condemnation of item etc.


Biology lab

Mr. Ajit Kumar Sahoo, PGT Biology


Maintenance of the labs, procurement of items, maintenance of Log Book, maintain stock register and condemnation of item etc.


Bio-Tech lab

Ms. Ajanta Panda, PGT Bio-Tech


Maintenance of the labs, procure items, maintenance of Log Book, maintain stock register and condemnation


Computer lab




AV Aids/ ICT Classes

Mr. S. Banji, PGT Computer,




Computer Instructor


Mr. D. Jaypuria, PRT

Ms. S. Purohit

Computer Instructor


Maintenance of the labs, procure items, maintain stock register and condemnation, arrangement of AMC

Up keeping the equipment and purchase of new items.


Jr. Science Lab

Mr. S. S. Bhoi, TGT Science

Mr. L.P. Bagh, TGT Science



Maintenance of the labs, procure items, maintenance of Log Book, maintain stock register and condemnation if so required


Sports & Games

Mr J K Patra TGT(PHE)

Games Coach



Mr. G Meher, PRT

Mr. B.K. Subudhi, PRT


Supply materials to the students during games periods. Stock holder of item, purchase and condemnation of sports materials. Conduct of sports competition, Distribution of certificates etc

Proper planning and execution to conduct Cluster & Regional Meet.


AEP Counselling and Guidance,

Mrs. Anjali Sarangi, TGT Eng

Mrs S Mohanta, PGT(Chem)



Mrs. L.P. Behera, HM

Mrs. I. Panigrahi



Guide and Counselling the students as and when need arise.



Library Committee

Mrs S Khalko, Libr

Mr. V Singh, PGT(Hin)

Mr. HK Sahu, PGT Phy

Mrs. A. Behera, PGT Maths

Mr A K Joshi,

PGT (Eng)



Ms. B dash, PRT

Mrs. I. Panigrahi, PRT


Procurement, Condemnation, stock verification, up keeping

Stock register. Computerised all stocks by using new software and record updating.



Science Exhibition, Science Congress, Inspire, IAPT

Mr. Ashish Pradhan, PGT Physics

Mr. H.K. Sahu, PGT Physics



Make proper planning, select the students, allotment of Themes , registration in IAPT



Mr. P. Barik, PGT ECO


Register students, Motivate, encourage and guide them for better performance.


Science Olympiad/ NTSE

Mr. S. S. Bhoi, TGT Sci


Mr. D. Sahu, PRT


To conduct SOF examinations at various levels, collection of fees, arrangements of exams, distribution of certificates.

Proper information and guidance about NTSE to students



Mr S Naik, TGT(Art)



Mr R K Gartia, PRT


To cover all special occasions and special assembly programme. Maintenance and updating the photos of current year and related works.


Celebration of Important events

Dr V Singh, PGT(Hin)


Mrs. L.P. Behera, HM


To assist the Principal in all the activities needed for special occasions, reception, refreshments, arrangements, announcements, records, visitors books as and when required.


School magazine/brochure, School Diary/ planner

Dr V Singh, PGT(Hin)

Mr A K Joshi PGT(Eng)

Dr Uma Kumari, TGT(Hin)

Mr B C Panigrahi, TGT(Eng)


Mrs I panigrahi,


Mrs S samal, PRT


Collection of articles, selection and editing, publishing in magazine & News letter,

Preparation and editing of school diary, planner of activities.


Reception Committee

Mrs S. Mishra, TGT(Sci)

Mrs V Anita Kumari, PGT Chem



Mrs L P Behera, HM


To purchase bouquets, refreshments for the VIPs, arrangement of furniture, preparation of students for reception and related works.


Recording of Events, Prizes and Awards

Mr S Naik, TGT AE


Mr. A. Mishra, PRT


To record all important events, prizes and awards.


Recording of Admission of students in IIT, PMT,AIIMS or any other reputed college

Mrs. Anandini Behera, PGT Maths


Keep a proper record of students as well alumni who get selected in various institutions and other prestigious field.


Contractual Staff

Mr B C Panigrahi, TGT(Eng)

Mr S S Bhoi, TGT (Sci)


To make arrangements for publishing the advertisements, conducting interview and making the panels of the teacher.

Inform the candidates where necessary.


Staff Room

Ms P Upasana,

TGT(Sst) (Sec)


Mr. A. Bhusagar (Pri)


To look after the furniture, fittings arrangments, drinking water, cleanliness etc.


First Aid

Mr J K Patra


Mrs G Mishra, TGT, Maths


Mrs. S. Samal, PRT


To procure the necessary medicines, maintain the stock register, supply of first aid items as per requirement




Dr Uma Kumari

Mr. Suresh Kumar

Mrs. K.S. Pradhan

Mr. Ashok K Sahu


Ensure implementation of Official Language in Vidyalaya in letter and spirit.




Mr R K Gartia, PRT/ANO

Ms P Upasana,TGT(Sst)/CTO


Enrolment of cadets, Training of cadets for AITSC and RDC camp New Delhi. Preparing Cadets for Best Cdt award



CS 54 Fee Checking

Mr J.K. Singh TGT (Maths)


To verify the fee collection every term and check the entries made in attendance register and tally.


Maintaining & Updating of Vidyalaya Website

Mr. S. Banji, PGT Com. Sc


Update with current events all and all other activities of the Vidyalaya periodically.


Fire Mock Drill

Mr. J.K.Patra, PET



Mr. P. Mishra, PRT


To ensure availability of Fire extinguishers and other fire safety measures. Making proper plan and mock drill of execution of evacuation of School building


Grievance Cell

Mrs. V Anita Kumari, PGT Chem

Mr. V. Singh, PGT Hindi

Dr. Uma Kumari, TGT Hin

Mr. B.C. Panigrahi

Mrs. S Khalkho, Librarian

Mrs. L.P. Behera, HM

Mrs. N. Nayak, PRT


To receive and record any problem faced by students/ staff/ parents and to enquire whether it is genuine and proceed with the solutions for the same without hurting any ones feelings in humane manner after intimating to the U/s


House masters

Club Activities

v  Literary

v  Eco

v  Charity

v  Creative

v  स्वच्छता

v  Integrity

CCA I/c will distribute consultation  with U/s


Club activities for the academic year should be planned out and organized as per the schedule prepared.


Maintenance of Three Boards

1.Activites of   Vidyalaya

2. Achievements  of Vidyalaya

3. Facilities of Vidyalaya

Mr. S. Naik, TGT AE

Mr. Ranieet Kumar, TGT WE


Procurement and fixing of Three Boards at prominent place in school main gate.

Updation of all three boards at regular interval.



Maintenance of records of Staff Meeting

Mrs. P. Behera, TGT Eng

Mr. V. Singh, PGT Hindi


Mr. G. Meher, PRT

Mrs. D. Naik, PRT

Mrs. I Panigrahi,PRT


To keep a record of the points discussed in the staff meetings and any points raised by the staff and its solutions/suggestions


Action taken for Late coming

Mr. V. Singh, PGT


Mr. D. Seth, PRT


Daily checking of latecomers for morning assembly and giving suitable remedial measures so as to reduce such tendency.


To help office

Mr. S. Banji, PGT Com (in calculation of Income tax.)

Mr. C. Sahu  (Service Book)



To keep ready all the staff particulars updated it as and when required and plan for the Income tax calculation for session 2017-18



Mr. A.L. Meena, VP

Smt V Anita Kumari, PGT Chem

Mr. S. Banji, PGT Com

Mr. U.C.Dash, TGT


Mr. D. Guru, PRT

Computer Instructor

Mr. Ashok Sahu, JSA


To monitor regular and time bound work (updation) of Shaladarpan.

All Class Teachers