Raj Basha

1.  Rajbhasha Bharati (quarterly):-----

Rajbhasha Bharati’, the quarterly Hindi magazine of the Department of Official Language, Ministry of Home Affairs has an unique place amongst Government magazines.  While the other magazines cater to the requirements of the officials of their respective offices, Rajbhasha Bharati is the only magazine which is dedicated to the propagation of Hindi amongst all the offices and officials of the Central Government and also brings out articles on Hindi Language, Scientific and Technical subjects as well.  Moreover, efforts undertaken by different offices of the Central Govt. for the use of Hindi & different events, workshops for the purpose and also the meetings of the TOLIC are brought out prominently.  Rules/ instructions etc. regarding the Official Language Hindi are also published in this magazine. 110 Volumes of Rajbhasha Bharati have been brought out till date.  During the year 2000 Swarna Jayanti Visheshank, Arthik Visheshank and Rajbhasha Swarna Jayanti Smarika were also brought out.  The Oct-Dec 2004 issue of the Rajbhasha Bharati was brought out as Kavya Visheshank.  Vol 111 is presently under printing.


  • कोई भी वस्तु स्वभाव से न तो सुंदर है और न असुंदर, जिसे जो अच्छा लगे उसके लिए वही सुंदर है.
  • सफल मनुष्य वही है जो दूसरों द्वारा अपने पर फेंकी गई ईंटों से एक सुदृढ़ नींव डाल सकता है.